Upholstered Bed Heads

Upholstered Bedheads & Wall Panels

Upholstered bedheads and wall panels custom designed and manufactured to individual client requests. Marty Teare Furniture Design work alongside Architects, Interior Designers and discerning clientele to achieve luxurious hand crafted bedheads and wall panels to suite unique interiors and add the final touch to any bedroom.


  • Our standard bedheads are 1200mm - 1600mm high by 60mm - 90mm width and are supported by freestanding steel or Timber legs as per client instructions which are fitted to the back of the bedhead. Our bedheads are designed to be placed between the wall and the bed and will rest securely once in place.
  • Wall mounted bedheads can be designed on request, as we custom manufacture all of our bedheads and wall panels we can custom design and manufacture your design or ours in the full range of Warwick or Zepel fabrics, Commercial Vinyls or our range of Italian Leather.
  • Trim: Mountain Ash, Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak

    Stain: Natural, Walnut, Teak and Black
  • Upholstery: Your choice of Fabric, Commercial Vinyl or Italian Leather

  • Single
    1000mm length
  • King Single
    1100mm length
  • Double
    1420mm length
  • Queen
    1600mm length
  • King
    1900mm length