Our designs are only limited by your imagination

We will be delighted to assist you and share our expertise and knowledge in the field of high profile furniture design, contributing and assisting the client in their selection of any of our pieces or collections, aiming and ensuring that the pieces selected are in keeping with the aesthetics, stylisation and design ethos of the particular scheme, be residential or commercial.

Prime Minister's Recognition

"My carpenter granddad recruited me to help build a workbench for the new family home when I was in year seven. He joined me in building a timber canoe which I paddled around the Lane Cove River National Park in year eight. He got me to help him to build a large timber shed down the back of my mum and dad's place when I was in year 9 and for my sixteenth birthday when I was in year ten he gave me a toolset which, until just a couple of years ago when it was lost in a flash flood at home, was still the tools which I used around the house to do the kinds of things which every half useful husband should be able to do!

I can't say that having a shipwright grandfather made me a craftsman; it didn't. I didn't develop the extraordinary craftsmanship of Marty Teare who presented me earlier today with a truly magnificent example of an Australian-made chair which will adorn my parliamentary office - I hope for many years to come.

I didn't become a craftsman, but I did learn to appreciate the value of timber and the importance of working with one's hands."

~ Hon. Mr Tony Abbott - Prime Minister of Australia

A passion for unique furniture design

The Marty Teare name has earned a reputation for professional excellence and outstanding customer service with every unique piece of Marty Teare Furniture starting its life as a pencil drawing in our design studio before taking its raw form in the finest hardwood timber and luxurious fabrics and leathers.

We loved designing and building your new piece of unique furniture and we know you will love it as much as we did when we made it for you.

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Our artisan furniture makers are among the best in the world and pride themselves on taking time and care on each individual piece, to achieve only the finest end result and to guarantee the highest quality for you our valued client.

Marty Teare Furniture Design is about building long lasting relationships with our customers. Now entering his 4th decade of furniture making our director Marty Teare oversees all aspects of our company ensuring each and every detail of our processes, from sourcing timber, fabrics and leathers, designing and frame construction to cutting, sewing and upholstery are meticulously done to the highest standards, all of which are done in our Melbourne plant.